Your Guides to Rock Climbing in Wyoming

Wyoming is home to some of the best rock climbing areas in the country, from the granite monoliths of Vedauwoo to the limestone walls of Ten Sleep Canyon, with a wide selection of unique rock formations.  This most geological of states is a great place to learn the ins and outs of rock climbing safety systems, hone your climbing technique, and enjoy the countless number of classic rock climbs Wyoming has to offer.

What programs do we offer?

Gym to Crag Community Climbing Clinics

Our gym to crag clinics are open to adult climbers of all backgrounds and ability levels .

  • Dates: June – July
  • Cost: $250-300 per person, depending on party type and size
  • Locations: Ten Sleep, Fremont Canyon, Vedauwoo
  • Climber to guide ratio: 6:1

Intro to Rock Climbing Courses

Our Intro to Rock Climbing Courses are great for anyone interested in trying out the sport for the first time.

  • Dates: By arrangement
  • Cost: $75-200 per person, depending on party type and size
  • Locations: Ten Sleep, Vedauwoo, Fremont Canyon and others
  • Climber to guide ratio: 6:1

Traditional Climbing Courses

Take your rock climbing skills to the next level as you learn about traditional climbing protection, anchor systems, and crack climbing technique.

  • Dates: By arrangement
  • Cost: $100-225 per person, depending on party type and size
  • Locations: Vedauwoo, Fremont Canyon, and others
  • Climber to guide ratio: 6:1

Multipitch Climbing Courses

Geared toward more experienced rock climbers, these courses focus on preparation, systems, and efficient movement for climbing multi-pitch terrain.

  • Dates: June – October & upon request
  • Cost: $350 (includes equipment), $300 for WYMG alumni
  • Locations: Vedauwoo, Ten Sleep, and Shell WY
  • Climber to guide ratio: 2:1

Alpine Rock Climbing Courses

The culmination of our rock climbing course progression, we offer this course to a select group of experienced climbers willing to prepare for larger alpine rock climbing objectives.

  • Dates: TBD, summer 2020
  • Cost: $500 and up, depends on the objective
  • Locations: Bighorn Mountains and Snowy Range WY
  • Climber to guide ratio: 2:1

What makes our programs unique?

Quality Rock Climbing Instruction

Our professional guides teach the fundamentals of rock climbing safety, movement, and technique in a welcoming and supportive manner.

All of our rock climbing trips include personalized instruction on the following topics:

  • Rock climbing safety, belay, and anchor systems
  • Rock climbing movement and techniques
  • Mitigation strategies to safeguard resources and heritage
  • Leave No Trace and Beyond Leave No Trace practices
  • Lessons on the area’s geology, ecology, archaeology, and history

World Class Climbing Terrain

We are privileged to guide in many of Wyoming’s finest rock climbing areas, from the Sherman granite outcrops in southeast Wyoming to the steep walls of Ordovician dolomite in the Bighorn Mountains

We are permitted by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and State of Wyoming to guide rock climbing in the following locations across the state of Wyoming

  • Vedauwoo (USFS)
  • Fremont Canyon (BLM)
  • Ten Sleep Canyon (USFS)
  • Canyon Creek (BLM)
  • Crazy Woman Canyon (USFS)
  • Paint Rock Canyon (BLM)
  • Shell Canyon (USFS)
  • Hot Springs State Park (State)

Logical Progression of Courses

Our upper-level courses provide a structured way to review and build on lessons learned in our introductory courses.

Intro to Rock Climbing Course

Learn the fundamentals of rock climbing safety and movement

Traditional Rock Climbing Course

Learn about protection, anchors, and crack climbing technique

Multipitch Rock Climbing Course

Learn how to prepare for, stay safe and move efficiently on multi-itch terrain

Alpine Rock Climbing Course

Work towards a larger alpine climbing objective in summer 2020

Affordable Programs

We offer a season’s worth of professional instruction and rental equipment for less than a new rack of climbing gear.

Focus on Sustainability

We’re privileged to climb in some of Wyoming’s most pristine environments and we work hard to minimize climbers’ impact on these beautiful places.

Our rock climbing course participants in action…

Vedauwoo is one of the most recreated areas in Wyoming but thanks to an extensive designated trail and campsite system the impacts from users are less than in neighboring areas
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