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Explore the best of Wyoming sport climbing when you book a custom trip with Wyoming Mountain Guides! The quality of limestone sport climbing in Wyoming is exceptional and our cool summer temps enjoyable – that’s why people travel from all over the world to climb here.  In addition to facilitating an unforgettable experience climbing in world class areas like Ten Sleep Canyon, our team of talented guides will help you develop your understanding of climbing safety systems, work on specialized techniques, and explore the ecological niches of northern Wyoming’s canyonlands.  Whether you’re roping up for the first time or pushing the grades, you’re sure to have a smile as wide as the Wyoming sky by the end of your trip.


We are permitted to guide custom sport climbing trips in several world class sport climbing destinations across Wyoming:

Learn more about these and other rock climbing destinations that we guide in Wyoming.


Our custom sport climbing trips are available upon request in most locations May – October.


All of our sport climbing trips include personalized instruction on the following topics and techniques :

  • Climbing safety, belay, and anchor systems
  • Specialized climbing movement coaching
  • Minimal-impact climbing strategies to safeguard resources and heritage
  • Leave No Trace and “Beyond Leave No Trace” practices
  • Lessons on each area’s geology, ecology, archaeology, and history

These hands-on lessons are followed by top-rope or lead climbing on routes of your choice.

Sample itinerary:

Sample 2 day custom sport climbing course itinerary for Ten Sleep Canyon:

Day 1 – Skills Review and Sport Climbing in Dry Ten Sleep Creek and Hounddog Crag

Part 1 – Overview of safety systems, focusing on risk management, belaying, cleaning sport anchors, and descent

Routes in Dry Ten Sleep Area (please note these route selections may change at the discretion of your guide):

  • Washakie’s Arrowhead, 5.6
  • Ice Station Zebra, 5.8
  • Death Flake From Hell, 5.10a

Part 2 – Focus on foundational technique, footwork, resting, and specialized strategies for climbing long limestone crack systems

Routes in Hound Dog Area:

  • Afghan Hound, 5.9
  • Big Bear Memorial, 5.10b
  • Dandie Din, 5.10b


Day 2 – Sport Climbing and Lead Climbing Practice in Waterfall Areas and Dry Wall

Part 1 – Overview of leading safety, clipping, rope management, sport anchors, and mock leading

Routes in Waterfall Area: 

  • Water into Wine, 5.7 
  • Wine into Cheese, 5.9
  • Beer and Brats, 5.10a
  • Icebreaker, 5.9

Part 2 – Focus on technique, efficiency, and pushing the grades (mock leading optional)

Routes in Dry Wall:

  • Plinko, 5.10a
  • BBQ Buddies Control the Cosmos, 5.10b
  • Should Have Stopped at One, 5.10+

Full day:

Size of Party 1 2 3 4 5 6
Youth $325 $450 $575 $650 $700 $775
Families n/a $475 $600 $675 $750 $825
Adults $350 $500 $625 $725 $800 $875

Two days:

Size of Party 1 2 3 4 5 6
Youth $475 $675 $850 $975 $1075 $1175
Families n/a $700 $875 $1025 $1125 $1225
Adults $550 $750 $925 $1075 $1175 $1275
Contact Us:

Interested in booking a custom sport climbing trip?  Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about the course!

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