Multipitch Rock Climbing Course


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Learn to Climb Multipitch Terrain


This upper level course introduces participants to the skills, systems, and principles of decision making needed for multipitch rock climbing.  This intensive two-day course involves a collaborative planning process, research and preparation for multiple climbs, plenty of systems work, and lots of climbing on beautiful multipitch terrain. We recommend taking our intro to rock climbing and traditional climbing courses prior to enrolling in this advanced course, as the course requires foundational knowledge of climbing safety systems and solid base of climbing fitness.


June through October & upon request


Our multipitch climbing courses include personalized instruction on the following topics and techniques:

  • Proper preparation for climbing multipitch terrain
  • Decision making and risk mitigation
  • Rock climbing safety (focus on anchors, belaying, descent, and self-rescue systems)
  • Crack climbing movement and techniques
  • Minimal-impact ice climbing strategies to safeguard resources and heritage
  • Leave No Trace and “Beyond Leave No Trace” practices
  • Lessons on the area’s geology, ecology, archaeology, and history

Please see our Multipitch Climbing Course Guide for a more detailed overview of these topics.


$450 per person, includes all equipment

$400 pp for WYMG alumni, includes equipment

Climber to Guide Ratio:

2:1, maximum 2 per course

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