Intro to Alpine Climbing Course


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Learn the fundamentals of alpine climbing

Our Intro to Alpine Climbing Course teaches you how to be a safer and more sustainable climber in the mountains.  This introductory course focuses on improving your planning and preparation, technical systems, climbing skills, and decision making for alpine climbing.  We also focus on how to apply LNT and Beyond LNT best practices while alpine climbing.  Overall our aim is for you to learn how to enhance your safety and reduce your environmental impact as you venture into alpine terrain.


This 2-3 day course includes one day of multipitch systems training in Vedauwoo and 1-2 days of alpine rock and/or snow climbing in the Snowy Range.


The combination of world class trad climbing in Vedauwoo and the easily accessible alpine terrain in the Snowy Range provides two great venues for learning alpine skills.  Vedauwoo has several moderate multipitch climbs that serve as great training climbs and aesthetic objectives in themselves.  In addition, the alpine rock faces and steep snow couloirs of the Snowy Range are excellent terrain for teaching the foundational skills of summer mountaineering and alpine rock climbing.  Moderate grades, good conditions, accessibility, and safe means of egress make the Snowies an ideal alpine classroom.


We offer this course throughout the summer and early fall, from mid June to mid September (weather and snow conditions dependent of course).  Courses are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and tend to book very quickly, so sign up soon!


Our Intro to Alpine Climbing Course curriculum focuses primarily on the following topics:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Technical systems
  • Climbing techniques
  • Risk mitigation
  • Decision-making
  • Reducing environmental impacts

For more information about specific lessons please refer to a sample Alpine Climbing Course Guide.


This course requires a significant climbing background in addition to familiarity with traditional climbing systems and crack climbing techniques.  As such we strongly suggest taking our traditional and/or multipitch climbing courses beforehand.  This physically demanding course also requires a solid base of general strength and aerobic fitness.  Please inquire via email if you have any questions about your readiness for this course.


Many course participants already own much of the equipment they need, but we also provide technical climbing equipment free of charge.  Please inquire via email if you have any questions about equipment needed for this course.


Course rates:

2 Days

3 Days

1 climber



2 climbers





Please contact us via email if you wish to book a course or have any other questions.


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Size of Party

1 person, 2 people

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2 days, 3 days


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